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Capricorn Equine Services

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Guided Horseback Riding

About The Sam Houston National Forest

The Sam Houston National Forest was established in the early 1900's to preserve the ecosystem from the effects of man.  This National Forest covers 47,801 acres and reaches from Montgomery, Texas to New Waverly, Texas.  The area in which we ride is known as the Little Lake Creek Wilderness.  The 4,000 acre Little Lake Creek wilderness is on the western edge of the piney woods of east Texas, about 5 miles north of the city of Montgomery, Texas.  It was designated wilderness on October 30, 1984, when President Ronald W. Regan signed the Texas Wilderness Act.  The area derives it's name from the perennial creek of the same name which runs through that area, Little Lake Creek and Sand Branch.  Those drainages create a rich ecological mosaic.  This pristine forest offers no accomodations such as rest rooms, water fountains, etc.  Items needed for riding or camping out must be carried in with us by horseback.  This forest is home to several endangered wild life species, including the Red Cocked Woodpecker ( ) and the Bald Eagle.  Other wild life inhabiting the forest include armadillo, possum, raccoon, gray fox, bobcat, white tail deer, mountain lion, wild turkey, the usual reptiles, and fur bearers, feral hog, numerous song birds and much more.

Our goal in providing this ride is to offer a peaceful relaxing look at our beautiful national treasures.    The scenery is all inspiring.  Almost all proceeds from our rides either go back into our horses care and up keep or is utilized in the rescue of the many starved and abused horses that we rehabilitate yearly.


Due to the increases in transportation and equine care costs we have been forced to restructure our pricing.    We do not have the ability to give reduced rates for larger groups.  The prices listed below are based on the number of riders who are riding our horses in your immediate party. 

Effective 04/01/05 our prices are as follows.

3 or More Riders

3 hr ride *                  $95 per rider **

4 hr ride                  $145 per rider **

5 hr ride *                  $170 per rider **

2 Riders

3 hr ride                  $135 per rider **

4 hr ride *                  $165 per rider **

5 hr ride *                 $190 per rider **

1 rider

3 hr ride *               $165 per rider **

4 hr ride             $190 per rider **

5 hr ride *              $215 per rider **

Riders with Their Own Horses

3 hr ride *            $30 per horse & rider

4 hr ride *            $40 per horse & rider

5 hr ride *            $50 per horse & rider

* Each Ride time length includes a 30 minute rest time half way through the ride.  We also spend approximately 15 minutes adjusting riding equipment to fit each rider and giving a brief over-view of how to ride and control the horse.  This time is also included in the over all time of the ride.  All ride length totals are approximate and based on a walk

** Add $40 per rider in addition to the listed prices for any ride scheduled on a Government, State or Local Holiday.

Riders with their own horses must have a current coggins test and shot record for each horse participating in a ride or camping trip.

Prices listed are per rider... children riding double with another experienced rider is still considered an individual rider and must pay the same per rider price.

Sorry but due to the extremely high costs of equine up-keep we don't have any group or children discounts available.   We offer the lowest possible prices automatically.

All guided trail riders, lesson participants, and persons who come in contact with horses located at CES are required to sign a Personal Liability release prior to activities.  This form can be printed out and reviewed under the Libility Form Section of this web site.

Go to the Libility Release


Steps to Book A Guided Ride

  1. Choose the desired length of ride.
  2. Contact us by email, phone, on line application: Jeanene Wilson (281) 386-7799 or Larry Hutchinson (281) 999-1857 or  or fill out the Guided Ride Request form below.
  3. Set a date and time (most rides begin at 8:30am the day of the ride) for the ride.  Be prepared to provide the number of riders, length of ride wanted, height, weight and riding experience of each rider.
  4. We require that riders who have little or no riding experience take a 30 min "quick lesson" prior to leaving for the ride.  The quick lesson will be available for all riders at our barn the morning of the ride at a cost of $20 per rider (not included in the per person ride price).
  5. PLEASE NOTE: We no longer accept checks the day of the ride cash only.  If you want to pay by check you will need to send payment in with enough time prior to the ride for the check to clear.  We will accept checks for the initial deposit. 
  6. Please book at least 1 week in advance for the desired ride date to insure availability.  Same-day rides are generally not available.  All riders will meet at our barn on the scheduled date and time.  Riders who arrive at our barn late for their ride time will be subject to cancellation or reduction in ride time.  Bring a sack lunch and beverages for each rider.  Saddle bags designed to carry your belongings will be provided for each rider.  We will transport the horses by trailer to the forest when we mount up at the opening of the forest.  Riders will be required to follow us in their vehicles to the opening of the forest. We ride in for the 1st half of the ride, break, eat, rest, (in the most beautiful dining area that nature can provide) then ride back the same distance. 
  7. A $20 per person non-refundable booking deposit is required to book and hold a ride date.  Arrangements will be made at the time of the booking.  The booking fee will be subtracted from the per person charge on the completed ride date.  If the scheduled date and time is rained out or cancelled for any other reason, the deposit will be tranferred to a new booking date.  The deposit may be transferred for up to 3 months.  After 3 months the deposit will be lost unless otherwise indicated by a CES employee or representative.

We can design a ride for most any occasion, including but not limited to business groups, birthdays, boy and girl scout camp outs, etc.  For riders interested in riding a shorter length ride other than the 3, 4, or 5 hour rides, we can provide a shorter ride but the price would still stand at the min. 3 hour pricing per rider.

Your perspective from your horse
Clothing Recommendations
Summer:  T-shirts with thinner long sleeve thin shirt over it (protects your from sticker vines, sun burn etc.) and comfortable jeans or riding pants.  Shoes with a heal and smaller rounded toe or boots. 
Winter: Dress in layers.  Comfortable jeans or riding pants.  Long sleeve T-shirt under a button up warm shirt.  Of course you will need a jacket or coat, gloves, muffler or hat and warm shoes with a small heal and rounded toe or boots.  Depending on how cold the weather is, you might consider flannel underwear.
Don't s
Shorts expose your legs to rubs from the saddle and from scratches and cuts from branches, limbs and sticker bushes.  Open toed shoes or thick toed shoes get stuck in the stirrups and cause a potentially dangerous situation.  Shoes with no heal can slip through the stirrup trapping your foot.  Tennis shoes have no heal and usually don't provide support.  Sleeveless shirts expose your arms to scratches and bug bites.  Tight jeans don't provide room for stretch or flexibility and can cause rubs on the inner thighs.  It's your choice.

Weather Related Cancellations:
When there is rain or other extreme weather situations, rides and lessons will be rescheduled.

We do not give cash refunds.  Any refund will be presented as credit toward future service of the same type purchased.
Late Arrivals and No Shows
When a customer scheduled and confirmed for a guided ride, lessons or other service provided be CES,
1.  Arrives late or, 
2.  Fails to arrive at all with no call cancelling their booking, riding lesson or other scheduled appointment with a CES representative or,
3.  Arrives and causes a horse to be transported to the forest or other location in preparation for a ride, riding lesson or other event and fails to participate in the scheduled ride, riding lesson, or other event regardless of the reason, 
...that customer will be required to pay 50% of the agreed upon cost of the service being provided.  No other service will be due for this fee, as it is considered compensation for the transportation and other related costs.  Any additional payment over the 50% service cost will be credited toward future services provided. 
Future rides will be allowed under the following circumstances:
1.  For customers who have "no showed" a scheduled and confirmed ride, riding lesson or other service, without calling 24 hours in advance to rescheduled, A deposit of 50% of the total amount due, for all riders, must be paid to hold another date for a ride, lesson or other service requested.
Please understand that there is a great deal of preparation and cost associated with providing our services... 
Thanks for your consideration.

Items You Might Like To Bring

  1. Camera
  2. Extra Film
  3. Sun Block
  4. Bug Spray
  5. Water
  6. Cell phone
  7. Required medications like inhalers, etc.
  8. Small hand towel
  9. Food for the break
  10. Riding or bicycle helmet for youth riders

Contact us by email

Guided Ride Application
Fill out the application below.  If you have more than 4 riders you will need to fill out the same application a second time for riders 5 - 8.   This application is not a confirmation of the ride.  All information for each rider is required to enable us to mount each rider with the correct horse.  The Liability Release can be forwarded to you by email and will need to be filled out for each rider.   Minors will need the libility form filled out by a parent or guardian before being allowed to ride.

Ride Date Requested
Second Choice Ride Date
Number of Riders in Party
Ride Length (3, 4, or 5 hrs)
Rider 1 Name
Rider 1 Age
Complete Address w/Zip
Contact Phone Number
Rider 1 Weight
Rider 1 Height
Rider 1 Level Riding Exp
Rider 1 Emergency Phone Contact - Name /Phone
Rider 2 Name
Rider 2 Age
Complete Address w/Zip
Contact Phone Number
Rider 2 Weight
Rider 2 Height
Rider 2 Level Riding Exp.
Rider 2 Emergency Contact - Name /Phone
Rider 3 Name
Rider 3 Age
Complete Address w/zip
Contact Phone Number
Rider 3 Weight
Rider 3 Height
Rider 3 Level Riding Exp.
Rider 3 Emergency Contact - Name /Phone
Rider 4 Name
Rider 4 Age
Complete Address w/zip
Contact Phone Number
Rider 4 Weight
Rider 4 Height
Rider 4 Level Riding Exp
Rider 4 Emergency Contact - Name /Phone
Contact E Mail Address (This is required)

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